TIDA Members Volunteer for BEEfit Day at Patterson Park

Post date: Oct 31, 2016 3:01:22 PM

The Trucking Industry Defense Association (TIDA) recently held its annual seminar in Baltimore, Maryland. TIDA members annually participate in a service project through the seminar designed to enhance the host community. This year, one of the two projects was to participate in BEEfit day at Patterson Park in Baltimore, as set-up by the Living Classrooms Foundation. Garvey Shearer Nordstrom attorney, Dave Zahniser, a TIDA member since 2012 and a veteran of the annual seminar service projects, participated this year in a morning of physical fitness and fun for Baltimore area school children, including calisthenics, games, obstacle courses, and tug-of-war.

Dave said, “whether we are preparing meals at a food bank, playing pool and answering social media questions at a senior center, or helping kids with their physical fitness, it is always nice to get out in the community which such a great group of volunteers. TIDA, as an organization, and its members, as individuals, take very seriously the commitment to the communities that host our annual seminars. It is a great opportunity to get out and help.”

The Living Classrooms Foundation, which set-up the service project, is a foundation that strengthens communities and inspires young people to achieve their potential through hands-on education and job training, using urban, natural, and maritime resources as "living classrooms." Founded in Baltimore in 1985, Living Classrooms Foundation has grown into an educational and economic force across a region that now encompasses Washington, DC, Virginia, and Maryland.

Below is a photo and a link to more photos and videos of the project.


For more information, contact Dave Zahniser