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Founded by John J. Garvey III, David A. Shearer, Jr., and Jennifer Kirkpatrick Nordstrom, GSN's combined litigation experienced exceeds 100 years. Whether your legal needs are large, small, or somewhere in between, you will receive the very best we have to offer. Our goal is to help clients avoid the courtroom through risk management and early dispute resolution. Rest assured, though, we have the skills, talent, and proven track record to fight for you in court. Founded in the 21st Century, GSN is built to meet your modern day legal needs.


At GSN, cost effective service does not mean sacrificing quality. Drawing on experience and utilizing the latest technology, we provide clients with high quality, cost-effective representation. Our primary mission is to provide legal knowledge, value, and high quality legal services to businesses and people. Our attorneys and staff will keep you informed and involved at every stage. And we are available to serve you whenever and wherever the need arises.